"Emotional Storyselling is the art of converting sales through captivating an audience using the power of story and emotional resonance through the medium of film."


1. Discover

Step One in our process is to find and explore the story related to the product or service. 

This involves going through the process of research, interviewing, storyboarding, and content creation.

2. capture

Step Two is to capture the story. We pride ourselves on getting the perfect emotion-based footage from interviewees that conveys their personal transformation through the products or services. We also capture the unique origin-story of the brand. We make sure each brand or individual is presented professionally and beautifully, by filming cinematic imagery that explores metaphors to enhance meaning, creating clean animations and pairing each project with the perfect music to accompany the brand. 


3. optimize

Few filmmakers understand both how to make a beautiful and moving film, as well as the cutting edge of internet marketing. Step 3 is what really sets us apart from the competition - which is to optimize funnels and the sales process. We split test variations and find winners in conversions and make further tweaks and changes for greater results, both immediately and over time.


The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, Cinematic Trailer


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On connecting emotionally


In this short excerpt below, Russell shares a personal story of how why helping someone market their business is meaningful to him. He shares of how he and his wife struggled for many years to fall pregnant, and in the latter part of this video you can see the result of his experience and how that links to his business of helping people get their product or service to the world. 



The main reason why people buy your product is due to being connected through emotions they feel after watching the films in the funnel. Watch as Russell explains in the video below. 

Russell Brunson and team surveyed the list, and asked at the events why people bought in. He said that it was because people felt like they could TRUST him. That was the primary purpose for this film and why we bumped conversions. 

Emotional Storyselling Techniques


Emotional Storyselling Video


Fall 2014 launch trailer for Ty Bollinger for a Quest for the Cures documentary. 

Built list from 0-300,000 in first 12 months of business. 

Opt-In rates consistently between 50-70%, from affiliate traffic. 


Neuracel Funnel


Product: Diabetic Nerve Pain Product

 This product is on track to do 30 MILLION within a year as he mentions below… more specific current numbers are below. Probable, with how quickly it keeps scaling up.  



Emotional Storyselling Video


Mark Hoverson is an 8-figure income earner who has used this film as his primary asset in introducing himself or deepening his relationship with his audience, whether in an online marketing campaign or speaking at a live event. It continues to drives sales and add a personal touch to his business that has people both moved and taking action.


Product Launch Video


Vick Strizheus. Internet Traffic Formula.
I wrote the intro script here to message- so listen carefully to the first 3 mins to see the formula there in how to move the audience. 
(Interesting note - Daegan Smith wrote a diagram below showing the process of emotional storytelling I had used for the script and made it into a formula he uses to teach his mastermind clients.)

Viral activity here.  
Up to 4,000 people logged in viewing at a time, consistently around the clock there was at least 2,500 people logged in 24/7 watching the videos as each of the 4 videos would be realeased. About 8,000 comments in 5 days. 

1.3 million made in the first 6-8 hours of carts opening. 3.6 million made on front end at the end of 5 days. 

Around 4,000 units of a 997 product sold.  A lot of affiliates making over $100,000 in the launch.


Product Launch Video


This was one of 5 feature videos for a prelaunch sequence for Christy Whitman - who consequently earned 1.3 million from the project.


Online Funnel


Loral Langemeier- Feat. The Secret, 5 Times New York Times Best Seller, Online Coaching Funnel. 


Maria Whalen

Acne Product - Clear Path